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LassalMedia – Think big. Act small. Fail fast. Learn rapidly.

“Think big. Act small. Fail fast. Learn rapidly.”
– Anonymous –

Or, put differently:

Don't let small thoughts keep you small.
Climb the mountain one step at a time.
(I like elephants and refuse to eat them.)
If there needs to be a certain amount of testing the grounds before you get it just right
– and don't kid yourself, this is ALWAYS the case because there are just too many options and alternatives –
try to get it over and done with as soon as possible.
If you need to eat the salad before getting the cake, for heaven's sake, eat it fast! Right?
Learn what you need to learn to avoid possible future salads and get straight to the cakes!

Ok. That's wrong. Salads are a good thing.
Try fish oil. It's also good for you, but at least it tastes terrible.


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