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 From Passion to Income

For the last 15+ years, LassalMedia was one of Germany’s top providers of high-quality illustrations – for both layout and final versions – helping my clients to translate their awesome ideas into images that sell.

LassalMedia’s clients were mostly global commercial and film production agencies, worldwide corporations and public and governmental institutions and organizations.

From 2016 on I’ll be redirecting my efforts and commitment to creating positive global impact through programs and activities in three core areas: Education, inspiration, and community. 



To fight poverty and populism long term by providing the tools to finding constructive solutions,
 implementing win-win scenarios, and accepting back control over our careers and our lives.


Finding Meaning in What You Do

If you asked me today, I’d say I am a serial entrepreneur, an artist, a collector, and a mentor with a mission. 


But that was not always the case. After all, I studied economics and architecture and planned to get a nice and secure job somewhere.


Sounds familiar?


Even after becoming a member of the American Art Honor Society and receiving an art scholarship in the US, I never planned on earning my money as an artist. I never ever visited a drawing class or anything of the kind outside of the mandatory school classes. I thought that living as an artist was too insecure and that I did not have what it took!


For a couple of years, while studying, I worked with 3D at the Fraunhofer Institut IGD /Zentrum für Graphische Datenverabeitung (ZGDV) in Darmstadt. Later I took over the institute’s very own CAD classes for external students and corporations. That was in the 90s when CAD was slowly being adopted by the industry (Mercedes, German and International Airports, Stadtwerke, etc.). My students were mostly men, engineers twice or three times my age, which raised some eyebrows, but was also a fun challenge. Mostly, I found that I enjoyed teaching professionals very much.


Unfortunately, I finished my studies right in the middle of the Dot-Com crisis in 2001. So, instead of wasting time going after what looked a “mission impossible”, I took the topmost job on my dream-list and opened shop as a storyboard artist for global advertisement agencies. 3 months later I was fully booked. That was in the crisis year 2001. 


Up until 2016, LassalMedia has paid for all of my experiments with whatever else I had on my list of possible dream jobs. I am through the list now, published over 29 books in the process, became a published photographer whose work has been exhibited from Los Angeles to Nairobi and at the European Parliament in Brussels, and am ready to move on and refocus on a moonshot.


Currently, I write and illustrate 5 separate fictional & educational series under different pen names. 
I am having the most fun I've ever had while simultaneously earning the most I've ever have. 


Go figure. 


Our future is really what we make of it.


  1. Build result oriented courses for high achievers
  2. Use that money to build affordable training for standard achievers
  3. Use that money to build free training for searchers & lost warriors
  4. While doing the above, also develop a system for school kids … (ok, it is still too early to talk about this step.)

Thanks to Elon Musk for the Masterplan blueprint.


As an online educator and mentor, I am on a mission to help advance, inspire and empower creative minds and self-made entrepreneurs to redefine success and build contagiously happy lives and businesses – while addressing humanity’s grand challenges. 
The last part of the sentence is important. I think we are all responsible for the future of our planet. No exceptions. 

Through LassalMedia, a thriving illustration studio originally based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, I was blessed to have been able to help hundreds of my long term client’s project teams achieve success by selling their awesome ideas with the help of images and storytelling.

After engaging heavily in my own charitable projects, publishing over 29 books for Fingeralphabet.org (and other brands), and participating in photography exhibitions around the world, I am now moving on to help other creative minds find the same long-term fulfillment and joy that I have had encountered myself by embracing change as a friend and ally – which is something I still actively practice.
This is why I am now pouring all of my free time into crafting soul-filled and results-oriented courses to pass on what I have learned among the rich and the poor, the happy and the less happy, the successful and the unsuccessful creatives minds I have had the chance to work with or work for since my childhood. 

I found that many creative entrepreneurs work hard, but not smart; that they lack purpose and meaning which leads to a loss of focus and motivation; that they operate on a mindset of scarcity that is of little help for achieving anything remarkable in life, that they react instead of act. Without knowing better, they ended up operating in the business of hope – which is very stressful, provides no control or securities, and is of little help to themselves and to the global community.

The training on this site – lovingly addressed to as “Coffeeshop” Academy (because that is where it started), aims to bridge a knowledge gap between the small bits of business-information that creatives are taught at school / academy / university and what I think is absolutely necessary to survive “out there” in the wild. 


the story



the story




For my world wide engagement with Fingeralphabet.org,
I was nominated for the German Prize for Civil Engagement 2013.


FingerAlphabetCoolKids.com and ASL-WordsearchBooks.com feature additional sign language alphabet books published by LegendaryMedia Publishing; or check out some of the new merchandising for sign language interpreters and “ILY” fans.




LassalMedia - selected client logos


The Extant Project’s mission is to educate, inspire and empower creative minds who stand behind the sector of exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges. The Extant Project is committed to creating positive global impact through programs and activities in three core areas: Education, Innovation, and Community.

The Extant Project is a closed inner circle of high-profile creative entrepreneurs rooting visions for a future of humanity on centuries of tradition and moral integrity. 

Membership in this group is by invitation only.

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